The Loom

About the Loom


The loom is a very important part of the work I do. Working on a hand loom makes the work have a more personal experience with the maker and cloth, as you watch your fabric grow pick by pick. I was very lucky to be gifted this beautiful loom, allowing me to continue my work and experiments. My loom is a Levard loom, manufactured by Anders Olesen Anderson Levard. Levard was a well known handy crafts man. He taught housekeeping college and ran many workshops in weaving, basket making and book binding. He began to create looms in 1896 and his signature feature was the bench. Unfortunately after Levard's eldest son died the production and making of the Levard loom stopped therefore making these looms now rare and one of a knind as they are no long being made. The levard loom I have is roughly about 90 years old made with Danish Beech wood.


Previous Owner


I was gifted the loom by Alison Yule, a textile weaver living and working in Derbyshire. Alison has had a great love for weave ever since she was a child, she began to learn how to weave at the age of eight taught by her parents and continued to study the skill into further education. Alison has won many awards with The Bradford Society and was able to open her own company. Now retired Alison enjoys a new stage in her life looking after her grandchildren and running Saturday workshops in spinning, dyeing and hand card weaving.